What Is the Customer-Centric Guide?

A collection of hands-on tools, diagnostics, and experiments that help financial service providers design for low-income customers.

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An integral part of the World Bank, the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) is a global partnership of 34 organizations that seeks to advance financial inclusion. Visit the Customer-Centric Guide frequently as CGAP continues to add new toolkits and other resources for your journey to customer centricity. As you engage with the site, we’d love to hear your feedback and questions.

Woman interacts with customer-centric Tigo Cash agents

CGAP created the Customer-Centric Guide to help resolve financial inclusion challenges – like the one faced by a provider in Ghana.

Although more than million customers registered with the Tigo Cash mobile money service, only a fraction ever activated their accounts. Using some of the same tools found in this Guide, Tigo repositioned the service so customers felt more comfortable using it – and more secure in transferring their hard-earned funds. It's now going strong in 27+ communities.

A Resource to Link Customer Value and Financial Inclusion

Keep an eye on your social mission and solve business challenges by digging into the Guide's in-depth learning resources.

Low-income wage earner carries newly harvested rice

Why go customer-centric?

Putting customers at the center advances the mission of global financial inclusion. And reaching low-income customers in a way that works for them makes business sense.

Man swipes mobile money card, making his place of business more customer-centric for low-income customers through digital financial products

Ready-to-use resources for executives and doers.

Learn to identify offerings that work for your low-income customers and solve your business challenges.

Woman entrepreneur in Indonesia shows cloves, a type of spice that's drying in the sun.

An opportunity to design tailored products and services.

Connect to potential customers by learning to design specifically for their needs.

A product created by people who care about financial inclusion.

The Customer-Centric Guide integrates contributions from many partners and collaborators across the CGAP network. 
Concept and design of the Guide experience was developed in close collaboration with the creative team at Dalberg Design.

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