Why Go Customer-Centric?

Putting customers at the center produces loyal, active customers and moves your organization toward long-term competitive advantage.

AMK's Journey

What can be learned from the experience of AMK, a Cambodian microfinance organization that’s been customer-centric since its inception? AMK leadership plays a crucial role in shaping culture and ensuring that core values are part of its DNA. Over the past 14 years, leadership has equipped front line agents and staff with the tools they need to reflect the organization's customer-centric values, and has recently taken steps to move a new agent business vertical toward customer centricity.

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AMK microfinance in Cambodia is shaped by customer-centric leadership, customer-centric values and a customer-centric business culture

CARD Pioneer Microinsurance’s Journey

CARD Pioneer Microinsurance sees the value in delivering positive customer experience by having the right processes in place, hiring the right people, getting feedback from customers, and retooling based on insights and metrics. Over the past two years Pioneer Microinsurance saw an expansion of its portfolio with CARD customers from 600,000 to 1.6 million enrollments, and renewal rates doubled.

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Vendor is customer-centric in her Philippines shop.

Digicel's Journey

An encouraging change in mobile money uptake and activity experienced by a mobile money service provider is evident in Haiti after lackluster results between 2010 and 2015. Mobile money services were initially set in motion to facilitate distribution of grant payments to victims of the 2010 earthquake. What drove the recent surge in uptake and activity for Digicel? This case study shows that a focus on customer needs, and empowering customers, brings results. It also demonstrates how a pull strategy, rather than a push strategy, is the best way to drive uptake and use.

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Many clients use Digicel MonCash mobile money when the financial service provider in Haiti becomes customer centric.

Janalakshmi’s Journey

Janalakshmi, an urban microfinance organization in India, embarked on a long-term project to reshape their entire business around the lives of low-income customers. Using customer-centric methods to learn about people’s aspirations, goals, and lifestyles, they aimed to develop products that meet customer needs and enhance the business. Success means seeing customer centricity become a way of life at the organization – as it takes a long view on profit and matches its vision of generating both business value and value for low-income families over time. 

Small business entrepreneur in India picks up goods for his shop with the goal of realizing financial independence

Zoona’s Journey

Beginning in the spring of 2017, Zoona CEO Mike Quinn embarked on an intensive journey around Africa to talk with customers and agents, gather insights, and truly understand the people the money transfer company serves in villages, cities, and rural areas. Over the past three years, Zoona has strengthened its commitment to customer centricity, knowing that delivering the best customer experience becomes more intuitive when leadership is listening.

Agents meet with Zoona CEO Mike Quinn as the mobile money organization gathers customer insights and commits to customer centricity.